UFO: My very first scarf!

Its red and blue striped! Have a look!


It has a few mistakes but Im pretty happy with how its turning out. If I stick to it the way Im planning, Im hoping to have it finished very soon so I can start on one for Halloween. Im going to be a Pink Lady from Grease. I think that scarf would be pink and white, right? Or pink and black?

way to go! I still have yet to do a multi-colored scarf. I don’t know why. :shrug:

You’re doing great!:cheering:

It looks great… I like the idea of pink and black…:thumbsup:

[CENTER][FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=4][COLOR=sienna][I]I like the chunky stripes and the colors… doesn’t it feel good to have something you made with your own 2 hands. [/I][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=4][COLOR=sienna][I][COLOR=deepskyblue]Keep up the good work.[/COLOR][/I][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] [/CENTER]

Thanks guys. I ran into some trouble with the color changes and I completely split a row trying to put in a lifeline, and then I snipped the wrong piece of yarn that was a same-color join and nearly unraveled the whole thing and I was just about ready to frog it and start something else, but then I checked in and you guys gave me encouragement. Thank you. By the way, does anybody know how to fix that? I made a knit in join on the end of a row and I accidentally snipped off the little twist like knot thing and now its about ready to unravel at that row. I was desperate for something to keep it together and looked around and ended up dipping the little tiny end into melted candle wax to keep it in one place! It was probably a dumb thing to do lol but I wasnt sure what else to do. I think I may post this as a question in the how-to board also.

You are doing great! I just finished my first scarf doin horizontal stripes and it was fun doing something different.

Lookin’ good :thumbsup: Keep it up! And those aren’t mistakes, those are DESIGN ELEMENTS!:teehee:

Very nice, you should be so proud of yourself.:thumbsup:

once you clip something you shouldn’t It’s knid of hard to fix and if your new to knitting it’s unraveling a row is very scary. I would check out the videos on this site and see if you could unravel. If your happy with your project mistakes and all. I would leave it and call it a design like I do all the time.

Knitting is an obsession! I know you have the “bug” too !!! Great job!

Thank you guys so much. I’ve gotten so much farther this week while babysitting. Its actually a great time to knit. When Im waiting for dinner to finish cooking or watching a movie with the kids, I whip out my needles and knit a few rows. In result, though, I’ve knitted quite a few knit-in joins because the kids were making dog leashes and jump ropes with my yarn and didnt quite understand that they couldnt just snip the yarn off the strand leading to my knitting and take off with my skein. Once they even pulled my knitting off the needles so that they could try to knit thier own scarf! So I ended up with a few fuzzy rows because I accidentally split the plys fixing what the kids did, but it looks pretty good. As for the bit that I snipped too short, Im thinking I’ll just melt the end of the yarn and sew it in around the stitch its holding together. I’ll post some pictures later because Im not on my computer right now. Again, Thanks you guys for all your support!