Ufo kal '08

Hi, My name is Firey Vixxen and I am a serial Cast-On-er.
In my recent sorting of my stash for my projects to take back to Uni, I discovered I had SIXTEEN UFO’s. And they’re only the ones that I know about! so to help myself and others like me I have started this KAL.
The rules to join are simple. You “confess” every item on the is not finished and assign them a point from 1 (Easy-peasy, Lemon Squeazy) to 5 (Oh my god, I obviously have Masochistic tendancies). When that Item is compleated, you “earn” those points.
To cast on a new project you need the amount of points it’s worth, plus 1 if it’s using stash yarn, or plus 2 if you need to buy new yarn.
So to everyone who has multiple projects, serial second sock sydrome, jumpers needing sleeves, or just multiple items needing blocking, come, Join and gain some will power and some finished objects.

Cable Yoke Baby Jumper (2 points)
Red Shawl (1)
Study rug (Individual squares) (1 ea)
Eiffal Top (3?)
Cabled Glasses Carrier (2)
Jim’s Scarf (2)
Blackberry Scarf (3)
Angel Box Scarf (2)
Fluffy Scarf (2)
Lavender Blue Sampler (1 ea)
Orange Lime & Lavender Scarf (2)
“Xmen” Scarf (1)
Rainbow Scarf (1)
Pink and Purple Scarf (2)
Ferret Toy (1)
Chaos Blanket (1ea)