Ubiquitous Anthropologie Capelet (w/pics!)

I think just about everybody and their mother has made this, and how I have as well!

This was so easy and so fast–woo! I started and finished this in less than a night and a half. It’s for the very same cousin who’s getting the Boogie Vest.

It looks a bit twee and tiny–but I measured across the back and it seems like it might fit an actual sized person. I dunno how “the kids” are wearing things like this these days, but I’ll see this weekend.

Basically she’s getting a sweater vest that’s too large and a capelet that’s too small. Eventually I’ll hit the Goldilocks sweetspot. :eyebrow:

My cousin inherited the family boobings, but other than that she’s rather tiny. So my fingers are crossed! I don’t usually wear stuff like this, but I’m DEFINITELY stashing out one of these in my size.

The yarn is less than a ball of Paton’s Divine that I had in my stash (huzzah for busting!). My sweet youngest bro bought it for me as a gift–I think it looks pretty nice for this project. Gives it that slightly mussed look…but twas not my most favoritest yarn to work with :ick:

Look what it did to my favorite el cheapo yarn needle!

Oh well…I’m sure I could buy another at the supermarket. But I have to support my LYS and you know…walk out with a yarn needle and a few magical skeins of heaven. Pretty sure everybody here understands that phenomenon :verysad: . :happydance:

Aaaannnnddd…another treat:



And sorry to hear about your favorite needle. RIP much loved needle.

That’s so cute! :heart: That snickers bar looks tempting. :wink:

Your will be very please to get that Capelet. Your knitting looks so very even, how do you do it? Great Job! :cheering:

Great job!

That’s beautiful.

I’m in the process of finishing my own version of the capelet!

Thanks everybody. I must say I’m quite pleased with myself! :eyebrow:

I taught this cousin how to knit a few weeks ago and she and her other 16 yr old friends are newly addicted and making as many scarves as they can before it gets too hot to wear them. I’d call that successful assimilation :twisted:

Lots of martinis! No no, kidding…My mother would say my anal-retentive/ocd tendencies is what makes my knitting even :teehee: but I attribute it to my newfound stockinette magic potion–combined knitting! I love it for stockinette, makes purling faster and reduces rowing out. :thumbsup:

HamaLee - Martini knitting…LOL! :teehee: I love it!

And good job spreading the addiction!

love the capelet- it is supposed to be a little short, and fit closely at the shoulders- so it looks great! and poor poor el Cheapo- you will be missed, until another is found… lol MKZ

ps- now I have to go eat candy…

I go through seaming needles like nobody’s business.

Nice piece, though!

I love both the capelet and the vest. You’ve actually inspired me to tackle the vest :slight_smile:


I am one of the few people who hasn’t made the capelet~~ but not that summer’s coming I might want to make it to wear over those summer dresses~~

Poor, Poor, needle~! :verysad: :pout: :verysad: :eyebrow: