Ubernewbie question

Hi Ladies,
How do you count rows? I’m knitting a scarf and just want to get the hang of counting rows. A nice lady at LYN said, you count in 2 (since all I’m doing is knitting…) but what if I wanted to count each row.

Hope my questions make sense…

It depends on the pattern, but …

For garter - check out this thread.
And for stockinette, each “V” side by side indicates one row, so you count the “V’s” upward (or downward, depending on how you look at it :wink: )

thanks. i think this helps…:slight_smile:

On stockinette it’s easy to count the bumps on the purl side. And I count them by twos as well…


Dang it … why didn’t I think of that? All this time getting all crosseyed by the V’s … :rofl:

Once you get into more complex stuff you can keep a little cheat sheet nearby where you record how many rows you have done with checks or tick marks. Or you can get a fun little gadget called a row counter which you slip onto your knitting needles and you turn the wheels so it will tell you what row it’s on.


I’m making a hat on circular needles and didn’t want to count rows either (I’m a new knitter, too). I’m using my daughters’ small hair rubber bands. Each time I finish a row I slip another one on. I have thicker ones that count as five (so when there’s five thin ones on I take them off and replace them with a thick one) I was using a piece of paper to mark off rows, but kept forgetting (and misplacing the paper) Now I just count the rubber bands to know where I am.