U-Neck Vest from Knit.1

Here’s one of my first FO’s for 2007. Funny that its from a magazine that’s a few years old --from the premiere issue (I think) of Knit1.

It’s made with Moonlight Mohair and some mystery, purple worsted yarn.

Thanks for looking!

Beautiful! :notworthy:

That is fantastic! I bet it would look great over a button down. That’s my new uniform at work. Slacks, button down and a sweater!

That really is pretty. You did a great job - it looks store bought.

That is beautiful!! :notworthy:

Thanks so much, guys! :heart:


Ohhhhhh that is the exact shape vest I am want! Can you look at your magazine so I know which issue to track down?


It’s the Fall 2004 issue. I picked mine up on clearance at Hobby Lobby a month or two ago, but I found it for sale here. :slight_smile:

Preeeety! :inlove:

Looks absolutely fabulous. How many skeins of Moonlight Mohair did it take?

I made a medium; I think it took about 3 1/2 skeins.

That is so pretty! I love the purple!