U(gly) FO

My first attempt at an outfit for my old doll. And it turned out UGLY! (the outfit, not the doll). But - I learned some things, and I’m starting another one :slight_smile:

When I was about 10, I’d asked for a “bridal doll” for Christmas, and that’s how she was dressed.

My Mom kept a few of my old dolls packed away for me for decades, and I only unpacked them a few years ago. They’re the reason I started knitting. I don’t know if she was dressed as a bride when my Mom bought her or not. I’m sure her petticoat is original, but the dress had obviously been shortened - and, her body shape is more of a child than an adult. So, impossible to tell now, and that, plus her “vintage” appearance and her breakable composition make it hard to know what would look nice on her.

Anyway, my new FO is too ugly to post, but just if anybody’s interested in seeing her, here’s the doll, in her original petticoat and the wedding dress.

I am sorry to learn that your first outfit did not turn out well. On the plus side you learned what was not working and I am sure the second attempt will be better.

I really like your doll, do you know who made her? What is she made out of?

What I started doing for my dolls is knitting a cardigan and putting it backwards in order to have the buttons on the back to make is easier to dress and to protect the doll’s arms.

Hi! Thanks. I didn’t expect much this time - I’m not too good at knitting yet anyway, so this is pretty challenging.

She’s a “composition” doll. When I had her restrung, I was fortunate to be able to take her to a well-known lady who is very good and very knowledgable. She [I]thought[/I] my doll is an Eaton’s Beauty. I haven’t been able to find out anything about them - just the briefest mention on the internet. All I know for sure is she was purchased in Vancouver, around 1950 or 52. I’ve been through a ton of doll books trying to identify her. I didn’t have her wig replaced - and it’s very possible the markings are under there. Of course it would destroy the wig to remove it, and I’ve now moved away from where the doll hospital is - anyway, I hear there is now over a year waiting list for her work!

Yes I’ve made a couple of dresses for my teddy bear, and always have them fasten at the back - her arms are rigid as well. The doll’s sweater I did the same way.

What kind of doll are you knitting for? Old or new? Have you posted pic’s of clothes you’ve made for her? I’d love to see them!

Bummer! So sorry to hear your first attempt didn’t come out as you hoped! I have lots of projects like that–ones that never see the light of day but rather end up as a ball of yarn again.

I hope your next attempt will be a complete success!

Lovely little doll. Thanks for sharing her picture.

Thanks Antares! Not too much of a bummer - I know I’m trying to walk before I can crawl. This one will be a huge help to me and I’m really excited about starting the new one. I just haven’t figured out exactly what I want to do for the bodice and sleeves. I either need to pick up sts and knit a cap sleeve, or crochet it. So far (on my teddy bear dresses, and this ugly one) I’ve crocheted them, but haven’t been happy with the effect. And, I find crocheting SO frustrating. Must view some videos on picking up sts and knitting - something else to learn :oo:

Well, even when things turn out badly, not as you envisioned, it’s all part of the learning process. Ole Artlady has certainly had her share of uglies, most of which were frogged halfway through! I’ve had my share of blunders, and learned a lesson from each one of them.

Why was I thinking I was the only one who created an ugly? :stuck_out_tongue: You made me feel SO much better, lol.
Absolutely agree, there’s a process to learning (Experience is a great teacher) :slight_smile: I learned a lot, AND the big thing is, this one gives me something to work from, for size and shaping.