Typo or my misunderstanding?

I am making a raglan sleeve sweater for my daughter and I have completed the back. The length of the back from bottom edge to underarm is 9" as stated in the pattern. Now I am working the front and the pattern says to continue in st st til piece measures 13" from beg. Am I missing something? If the underarm for the back is 9", shouldn’t the front be 9" as well? How are the seems going to match up if the front is 4" longer than the back? I have never tried raglan sleeves before. Is this a typo or a diference in pattern because of the raglan sleeves?
Any ideas are appreciated.
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It sounds like the completed length from top to bottom should be 13" - 9" to the underarm from the bottom and then another 4" to the top of the garment.

Maybe, it just doesn’t state that. The pattern for the front is 13" to the underarm and the back is 9" to the underarm. The pattern can be found at
http://cache.lionbrand.com/patterns/kwec-raglanpulloverchild.html if anyone is interested in taking a look.


Work as for back until piece measures 13

You work the front exactly as for the back, including the shaping at 9" until the front measures 13 inches. It will not be exactly the same as the back at this point, because that’s when you’ll start the front neck shaping.

Thanks. That makes a lot more sense. I’ve already got the ribbing done, now I can finish the rest.
You’re a genius…
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