Type of yarn

I’m new to knitting… what I didn’t realize was, the pattern asked for a specific yarn called “Worsted”. I’m making my first scarf…I picked out the kinda yarn my daughter liked. There’s 1 main color I picked “Chunky weight 2.8 oz” and the other 2 colors for the stripes I bought "Knitting Worsted weight 1 3/4 oz)
The actual pattern calls for Worsted yarn…does it really matter?

Yes. If you want the scarf to be the same measurements called for in the pattern, you need to use the same weight yarn. You can use fewer stitches across and make it out of chunky, but you’ll have to double the worsted to make it about the same weight as the chunky yarn. If you use the worsted as a single strand, the scarf will pull in at the stripes.

Cast on about half of the stitches called for in the pattern and see if that’s wide enough. You can adjust it. If you had a sweater pattern written for worsted and you tried it with chunky, it would be a major headache. Scarves are pretty flexible.

If you decide to go with the chunky, you should probably use a larger needle, too, or the fabric will be too stiff. Knit a little swatch and see if you like it.

If you’re using two different weights of yarn in the same project you’ll probably have some trouble – worsted weight yarn knits to 16-20 stitches per 4", and chunky knits to 12-15 sittches. They also require different needle sizes. There’s a great chart here that explains the different weights. As a general rule of thumb you should use the weight the pattern calls for, and not mix weights within the same pattern unless the pattern tells you to.

Thank you for the quick replies. :smiley: I’m real stuck on this now because I’ve been reading on and it’s all too confusing to me lol. I want to make a large scarf but the gauge thing’s got me. Who knew a scarf of all things would be so hard for me to figure out lmao.
Guess I best read more stuff before I try to make sumfin :thinking:

Just cast on as many stitches in the chunky that you think will make the scarf wide enough. Knit with that color for a while. Add a stripe, using two strands at once of the worsted when you want to. Repeat. That’s all. Gauge is really not important in a scarf–but the yarn should be about the same weight. Fly with it!

If you make it stockinette, though make an edging of seed or garter to keep it from curling.