Type of knitting needles

I’m doing an article on knitting needles, and was wondering which kinds of knitting needles you prefer? To choose from there is wood, bamboo, aluminum, plastic, and steel. Which do you prefer?

For myself, I prefer aluminum or steel, as it does not stick to the stitches, I prefer my tension a little tighter so it sticks to plastic. I don’t like bamboo as the point of one of my needles once split, and it was breaking the yarn. I had to buy aluminum needles to replace them.

Sorry, I see I didn’t give my name. It is Hannah. I think I posted once here before.

I use circular needles 99% of the time for both flat knitting and circular knitting. The other 1% I use DPN. I prefer nickel plated metal first then birch. I dislike plastic for anything.

I love my Knitters Prides Dreamz polished wood interchangeable circular needles for flat and circular knitting. They knit like a dream with no drag.

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Circular for everything. Metal and pointy (not rounded).

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I prefer aluminum and straight over every thing

Hi: I use Options Foursquare Majestic Interchangeable Circular Knitting Needle Set US 4-11 http://www.knitpicks.com/needles/Options_Foursquare_Majestic_Interchangeable_Circular_Knitting_Needle_Set_US_4-11__D91404.html

I got these from Knitpicks.com and they are pointed, and made of wood. I find the difference with the wood as opposed to plastic or metal incredible. They are light, knitting is very smooth, and a joy to knit on. I like the interchangeable circular needle set because they are very versatile and economical: the set has interchangeable ends so you can create ‘flat’ needles by attaching stoppers at the ends, and the cost is less than buying sets of needles separately.

Good luck with your article. What’s it for?

A new artice: toknitandcrochet.com

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They look really good! How sharp would you say the points are? I do a lot of lace knitting so prefer a sharper needle for decrease stitches.

Hi Evie: They are definitely sharper than my regular metal needles. I don’t do a lot of lace knitting however and I know people can be fussy about their lace knitting needles being pointy enough! But I just love them. I bet you someone at knitpicks would be more than happy to speak to their suitability for lace if you emailed them.

I have a set of Knitter’s Pride Nova Platina Cubics tips. They’re sharper than my Nova Platina round tips which are definitely sharper than the Nova tips which would equate with Knit Picks Options Nickel Plated tips. The Cubics have a long taper which I like but I’m not personally crazy about square needles, hence one set of tips. Some people love Kollage needles for lace. I’ve never tried them myself.

My favorite needles are Knitter’s Pride Nova Platina interchangeables. I like the long taper and sharper tip. I don’t know what they’re made of. Second place goes to my Knit Picks Sunstrucks which are laminated wood. I did not like Denise needles. Bamboo dpn are good for dropping down a section of stitches to fix a mistake because the dpn stays put better. I’d not want to use bamboo for much else.

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I like bamboo needles. My favorite kind is straight, then DPN.

I use metal needles mostly; I have some plastic needles, but mostly metal. I do not know whether or not the metal needles I have are aluminum or steel. I do admit, I like the metal needles a lot. I would probably prefer metal needles, but would try wood or bamboo needles if given the chance. However, wood and bamboo needles do break, so that would a disadvantage of having them.

Thank you, unfortunately we don’t have the full range of Knitpicks/Knitpro over here, mainly the woodens (I’ve got some of the Symphonies), options and zings. I would have to order from Knitpicks so wouldn’t have a chance to see the needles ‘in person’ before ordering, so reviews from others are essential!

Thanks, I may just do that, As I said to GrumpyGramma I’m going to have to order on faith!

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If you’re interested in knowing other people’s opinions I’ll offer this: Knit Picks moved their manufacturing facility to, I think, China and since then I’ve seen lots of complaints about their needles. Yes, they honor the warranty and replace pieces but when the replacement needs to be replaced it gets tiresome. My Sunstrucks were bought before the change in manufacturers and I’ve only had one problem but I read about a lot of the newer ones coming apart at the metal piece the wood fits into. I also think the Knitter’s Pride/Knit Pro cables are a little nicer and less likely to kink. My first Knit Picks cables are still fine, newer ones not so much. On a whim at checkout I ordered an inexpensive Caspian tips and cable set because I was curious about them and I wanted the free shipping. The needle tips were rough and unusable for me and the cable was so stiff it was like a bad joke. It even separated at the metal join! I complained and they refunded the price. That told me they were pretty sure I wouldn’t like the replacement if they chose that option. I haven’t found that they offer the sharper metal tips that I got with my Platina set either. This saddens me. Knit Picks was the best and they’ve slipped.

I’ve been drooling over Zings. How do you like them? The Royale set keeps pestering me to buy it too. lol

I like metal needles best, wood is too light and im quite a heavy handed knitter so ive broken a fair few wooden dpns :sweat_smile:
I mostly use knit pro zing dpns or circulars and i find them confortable!

I guess I am old fashion i can not get use to the interchangeable needles nor anything that is not aluminum (metal).

I just bought my first Addi turbo rocket metal circular needle’s and I love them, I will say I love my Knitters Prides polished wooden needles better since the cable is a little more flexible.

Knitters Pride also offers a fantastic replacement policy. I broke my polished wooden I ones and they replaced them no questions asked :grinning:

An Addi needle was the most expensive needle I ever owned and I hated it. It went to live with someone who loves it. We all have our preferences. I got some Hiya Hiyas and still like my Knitter’s Pride best.