Tyburn cardigan help

I’m knitting the Tyburn cardigan. My first project in a very long time. I have a pattern question. I’m up to the armhole on the right side. Instructions are:
“Shape front slope. (RS) K2, K2tog, K to end. Complete to match left front, reversing shapings.” I’ve done that. Next, reverting to instructions for the left side that now need to be reversed for the right side.

Those instructions are: “(RS) Cast off 2 sets at beg of next row”. If I reverse these instructions those cast off stitches will be at the end of the row. How do I cast off at the end of the row so that the right side mirrors the left. Thank you for any assistance.


Welcome to the forum!
Cast off the 2 sts at the beginning of the next wrong side row. If you cast off at the end of a row, the yarn is hanging out, a couple of sts from the rest of the row. The offset of rows won’t be noticeable.