Two yarns...two weights

i was wondering if anyone has any advice on knitting with two different yarns with two different wieghts. what’s the bast way to knit them int the same work? I’m starting simple with a scarf.

If you want to use them together, just knit.

If you want to alternate them, you’ll either have thinner rows where the thinner yarn is, or you could try doubling the thinner yarn and see what thickness you get compared to the thicker yarn. :thinking:

I just wanted to clarify the project I was hoping to do with the yarn in question. I wanted to make a scarf and use one yarn as a “fat” stripe and then use the other as a narrow stripe. One yarn is 4 ply worsted weight Caron Simply Soft and the other is Super Bulky Weight 2 ply Caron Simply Soft Quick. If anyone has some ideas that will help me accomplish my project I would really appreciate all the help I can get.