Two week deadline!

Hey Guys:

I want to knit my employer something for mother’s day (the female half obviously) and am open to ideas. Because I only have at maximum 14 days, it would have to be something quick. I am thinking a hat or funky shawl may be?


Or, something for her home or office…

A Do Not Disturb sign for her office door (esp if she complains about interruptions!) There is one on somewhere

A waterbottle cozy

A couple of those “coffee bras” that Ive seen floating aroung here somewhere…

A set of matching dishcloths or handtowels or potholders or coaters

A throw pillow (tons HERE )

CD case, eyeglasses case, pen/pencil holder

Check Knitting Pattern Central for ideas…TONS of stuff and free patterns there!

i hope im not too late in response, but if you make gauntlets (mittens without the fingers), it may only take 2-4 days.

I’m making a couple of these for mothers day. I already finished one and it only took a couple of hours! It was my first try with short row shaping too–pretty cool!

If you’re looking for something wearable, I’d go with a hat. Good luck!

socks…electronic cozies (cell phone, ipod, pda)…there’s a very quick scarf called airy in ‘last minute knitted gifts’…a kerchief (triangular) type scarf would be cute & springy…i’ve seen just squares knitted up (perhaps with different sts each one) and sewn together and put dried beans or something in it for paper weights…a belt (just a long skinny scarf with long fringe on it)
that’s all i can think of now
good luck :balloons:


Thanks so much for your suggestions!! Do you think that 1…this is easy enough for a beginner, and 2…i can get it done in about two weeks? Here’s the link:

I was thinking that because she is Australian, it is perfect!! Also, she has a teapot like this–well, i can’t find the pic, but it’s really tall and curvy, and more of an old style sterlingish thingie…so what do you think? would it work?


I don’t think it’s a beginner pattern, sweetie. And definitely not a finish it in two weeks beginner pattern. I’m impressed with your ambition, your work that you’ve posted is really lovely. What about a shawl for her to wrap herself and baby in when they have “mom time”?

I agree with Sara. It’s not a 2 week project for a beginner. Unless you think you can do it. The shawl for mom and baby sounds nice.

Thanks a lot for your advice…the last thing i want to do is frustrate myself!! I think i will just get her a fondue set and movie tix and work on the shawl and stuff for a later date.


:crying: Sorry, honey, I’m gonna have to agree with the other girls…what, exactly r u looking for? we know fast and easy…but like what?

OH OH OH WAIT!!! Does she have a LITTLE baby??? I just had a BRILLIANT idea!!! :cheering:

Knit a big long TUBE on circs…at a tight gauge…decrease around like you might for a hat. then close off one end, stuff it fairly tightly with polyfill, close off the other end the same way…

You have just made your own BOPPY!!! Moms’ LOVE LOVE LOVE those things!!!

[size=2](SHARON!!! WHERE’s SHARON…She needs to hear about this!!)[/size]

At this site look at the Lightpipe Scarf (near bottom of page on the left). It only calls for 1 ball of yarn at $9.00 and looks easy and fast. I plan on making a few for Christmas (in different colors).

I am looking for something classy that she could wear out on a date with hubby (to go along with the movie gift) like a i dont know. That is the part that i am stuck on. I was thinking a scarf, but is that classy enough? Would I have to get the right yarn to make it look right?

Thanks again guys for all your help. When I decide to do the koala, I will let you know.


AH…I guess that rules out my potholder idea. :verysad:

Katy, u can make any scarf look classy…even your most basic…knit it quickly kind. There r so many different types of novelty yarns…like ribbons…u could do a drop st ribbon scarf…would look quite classy

there r yarns out now that have just a bit of ‘sparkly’ in them, so as not to look tacky…but…classy…for example…an easy to find yarn would by lionbrand glitterspun…not tacky, but classy, as I said…also…largely in how it’s knitted up…allow me to look for something…i’ll be back

Okay, Katy…I don’t know your level of knitting or how fast u r …what u know how to do & all that jazz…so I googled easy scarves & shawls…now, scarves will be quicker!! A scarf can be elegant in any circumstance, as we said earlier…depending upon the outfit & the scarf…I have the book ‘24 hour knitting projects’ that has just the right shawl in it for u…that’s how i came up with the lionbrand ‘glitterspun’ fiber. I’m really very sorry :crying: that I can’t give u that pattern, but since it was bought, i’m pretty sure it’s not legal to just give patterns away, i’m not real sure, but I don’t want to do anything wrong.
Anyway…following is a list of googled items…remember u can change the fiber, length, width and add long fringe, and use your imagination with these patterns, too. Okay…
I think this is perfect…especially if u use this glitterspun if this is to be used for a nite on the town…add long fringe…sexy…
Now, I’m about to copy & paste everything that I pasted into the word processor…and the rest is up to you!! USE THAT IMAGINATION THAT OUR GOOD LORD GAVE YOU!!! that’s the most importany info u can decipher from any pattern…lol…here we go…

Quick knit beginner scarf

Beginner level triangular shawl

Use large needles like 10 or 10 ½ with this 7 use glitterspun (it’s worsted weight like the woolease & will create an elegant, sparkly, spring like scarf…don’t forget the fringe

This is beautiful but I don’t know how advanced u r

Easy…use larger needles and yarn like the glitterspun
This is absolutely PERFECT…pattern is ‘intermediate

Very ‘glitzy’…pattern is ‘very easy’

Very nice…looks easy…check it out!!

Very easy…check it out!!

hope this helps u out!! get to looking!! and knitting :shock: :shock: :XX: :XX: :XX:

Thanks soooo much!! I will be checking my library for that book you have!


:smiley: Hey Katy,
Don’t forget to just hop over to all of those hyperlinks that I checked out for u …u may just find what u r looking for right here on the internet & can just print it out at home! :thumbsup:
anyway u look at it…hope it helped!

thanks again rebecca…i looked for the book at the library and it was all out! So I think I am going to knit the lacy scarf…size eleven needles, shouldn’t be hard.

I will both post a pic (if I can) and post again when it is finished.


:cheering: :cheering: sure look forward to seeing the pics!!