Two summer dress - Natalie Larson

Can anyone help me understand the finishing instructions (sewing part) of the little girl’s “two summer dress” by Natalie Larson. Knitting part was easy, but sewing part does not make sense to me.

Please give us a pattern name and/or a link to the pattern. If it’s in a book you can type out the lines of the pattern that are confusing you. Don’t post the entire pattern.

ETA: Wow…unless you edited the post I must have been asleep when I posted because I see you gave the pattern name. :zombie: It does still help to type out a few lines of the confusing part though.

Generally though mattress stitch is used to seam the most parts. 3 needle bind off on shoulders. Video instructions are in the video section under Tips and finishing techniques.

It may help to look at the Ravelry page. Photos in the different projects give you an idea of how to seam. Basically, you sew a hem on the 2 ends of the rectangle that is the skirt and on the long side that is the bottom end of the skirt. Leave one long side of the rectangle unhemmed. Attach that side to the bodice, starting in the front center and sewing around each side to the back and using as much fullness or gathering as you would like. Finally, you sew up the back seam.