Two Strands?

Hi all! A friend just directed me to this site with a question she couldn’t answer for me :shrug: I’m hoping someone here can help :slight_smile:

I purchased a book for knitting slippers today. When I sat down to get started I realized that the first thing it says is that “slipper is worked with two strands held together”. I’m a new knitter…as in, I can knit a dishcloth and that’s it! LOL! Because of that, I need baby steps :teehee:


You knit with two strands of yarn as if they were one. Just go very slowly and may you’d want to practice with scrap yarn for a bit.


But where do I get the second strand? The material list only called for one 3.5oz ball of yarn :??

If it’s a center pull ball, you can just use one strand from each end of the ball. Or just buy another ball and hold the two strands together as one. :slight_smile: HTH

AHHHHHH!! I didn’t know you could do THAT! LOL!! Since I already bought 7 oz balls when it called for 3.5oz I don’t really need any MORE, but it is a center pull ball so that should work! WooHoo!! I can’t wait to give this a try!

Thanks so much :muah:

Ok, just to be sure!! Does a center pull ball just mean that the yarn comes out the center when I pull on it :oops: There is one coming from the center, and one from the side. I would THINK that’s what it means, but I don’t want to end up with a tangled mess either!

Yep, that’s what it means, MamaJo.


Thanks Sue!! NOW I can get started :cheering: