Two strand (two color) cast on

I’m casting on two colors for the first time. I’ve made slip knots in both colors and have those on my needle. Now, do I start casting on using only one of the slip knots and cast on the required number of stitches? If I do this I’ll end up with all one color stitches and a lonely (other color) slip knot at the end. Or, do I cast on alternating between the colors? The cuff of the hat I will be knitting is only one color for about 1", so I’m not sure why I need to cast on both colors rather than just introduce the contrasting color when it’s needed, but the pattern says use “two-strand cast-on using two colors” so I’m trying to 'trust the pattern!" Please help if you can…thanks!

hrmmm…i wouldn’t do it unless you were actually using both colors throughout. are you knitting with two strands throughout or just one?

is your pattern online? can you give us a link?

The pattern is quite complicated using the two colors, but the cuff itself is just in a single color until the pattern gets going. It’s called an Ullared Cap in case that’s familiar to you. I don’t think the pattern is online, I’m getting it from the book “Hats On!” by Charlene Schurch.

If you are beginning in a single color, then just cast on in that color until the pattern calls for color changing :wink:

Thank you! This makes a lot more sense to me, but I didn’t really have the confidence to just do it. Thank you!!!