Two Sock on Two Circs ~ using interchangables

I have the Boye set now :cheering: and am wondering about using it for doing 2 socks on 2 circs. My question is this: Can I use a size 3 tip on one end and a size 2 tip on the other end of each circular?? I’m thinking I’d probably have to do a 2 on the ‘top’ of one needle, a 3 on the ‘bottom’ of the same needle, then the opposite on the other one (2 on ‘bottom’ and 3 on ‘top’)???

I’ve never done 2 socks on 2 circs so excuse me if I’m totally out to lunch with my logic! :wink:

I’m going to have to say no…but I’ve not yet done it! I’ve read over this and have it printed for the tutorial that I will follow when I do start the process. She indicates in this tutorial that you should use 2 circs of the same size. But…nowhere does it say that we can’t give anything a try, right?! So, if you want, just go for it!!! The worst thing that can happen is that it doesn’t work…you will only know if u try :wink:

Ooooooooh, check this out!!! I think this is what I was trying to describe. I’m gonna give it a try!!

(Of course now, being at the point of having THREE incomplete pairs of socks, I won’t be doing two socks at a time until I finish the three mates of these lonely socks first… :oops: )