Two sleeves on two circs?

Is it possible to do two sleeves simulataneously on two circs, just like socks (without heels and toes of course!) :wink: I know you can to two at once flat to help keep them even and get both done at the same time, but I was wondering if two can be done in the round, for less seaming of course. Does it depend on the style of sleeve?

Of course I just have to tackle the two on two circ thing first!

I’ve been wondering the same thing, GM…I’m anxiously awaiting a reply, too!

I would think that it could… :thinking:

I did this sweater’s sleeves on 2 circulars, but only one at a time. I’m sure that you could, as long as your needles are long enough for both! I tried at first to do my sleeves using magic loop, but my 32" needle got too short as the sleeve diameter grew. So, I switched over to using 2 circulars and it seemed effortless. :cheering: Maybe next time I’ll try doing both sleeves at one time! :thumbsup:

[Edit] As far as binding off goes, just bind off half the sts at the beginning of the round and the other half at the end. That way your bound off stitches and increases are centered at the starting point of the round.

That’s a really cute sweater. I love the collar. :slight_smile:

Thanks! This is the Busty T-Rex one, ha ha! :rofling:

That sweater is gorgeous, Jackie! :inlove: