Two sleeves at once

How do you get track of which sleeve you just did when one sleeve is on left side of circular and the other is on right side of circular?I can;t seem to keep track of which one I just did :shrug: Then I end up doing the one I just did :wall: Have tried st markers and still can’t figure this out :doh: What am I doing wrong?

I always had that problem. Now I keep a stitch marker between the sleeves. If I get to the marker, I know I have to keep going on the second sleeve. If I have to stop before both sleeves are done, I always slip the marker and do at least a few stitches of the second sleeve so I know where I am.

Thank you Ingrid :happydance: :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy:

Is their a tutorial some where on doing two sleeves at once I would like to learn?Is it hard?

It’s pretty basic.

Just cast on with one sleeve with a ball of yarn, and on the same needle (preferably circs for length) cast on the second sleeve with another ball of yarn. They’ll be next to each other on the needle so you know they’ll be the same length.

So they are done flat and then seamed?

Yes–this is for knitting the two sleeves flat.

Can you do it magic loop?

I’ve never done two on magic loop, but if you can do socks that way, why not sleeves? :shrug:

I’ve been reading this two sleeves at once thing all over KH lately and am so excited to try it on my next sweater! My sleeves always required special blocking because they never turn out the same!!!