Two ?s to start. binding off and adding a stitch

when a pattern calls to bind off do you then cut the yarn?

how do you start adding a stitch?

I looked at some video but the adding a stitch vid had the yarn already in the yarn.

I am trying to make baby booties from this pattern:

I am pretty new. I can do basic knits, purls, add beads and I understand binding off but just not the detail of binding off in this pattern.

Sorry I am sure this a totally newbie question. I just do not feel like going back to the knit shop tomorrow if I can proceed a little on my own.

Thank you.


Yes, in this pattern, you need to bind off, and cut yarn between each stage, then pick up new set of stitches with new piece of yarn to continue with next stage. You will have a few ends to tidy up when you’re finished.

When I add the stitch do I just insert the needle, bring the yarn up behind it and wrap it around and pull it through?

Well that is what I will try. If it is wrong I will run to the knit store later today when my kids are otherwise occupied.

I appreciate your response.


You can look above at the Basic Techniques under increases for several ways to increase a single stitch. There’s also a video for picking up stitches which is pretty much the way you describe.