Two on sleeves, and one on blocking!

Ok, so I am almost onto my sleeves already (and I wondered why I was doing preemie clothes!! the instant gratification is great!!)…ahem, anyway, I was saying…I would like to be able to do my sleeves together on one needle, but have yet to find a site or article to help me do that. Can anyone help me with this dilemma?

And the other thing is when I block my garment, can I pin it to anything as it dries? I was thinking of a towel laid on my be so that it doesn’t move. Would that work?

Thanks so much yet again for answering my questions.


when I did it, I had 2 balls of yarn going on at the same time…

I felt I had to do it on straight needles for some reason, but I have been told you can do it on circs…if you choose…but for me the straight needle version.

CO the required number of stitches with ball one
on the same needle, CO the required number of stitches with ball 2, and then just follow the pattern respectively. I put an obnoxious stitch marker between the sleeves, so I’d remember to change the yarn I was working with. It gets a little tangly sometimes, but since the sleeves are narrow…it doesn’t take too terribly long to do…plus with premie clothes…you’ll be done in a flash.