Two Purses I just sold

Just sold these two:

Very nice! What a busybee you are! Mary

Every pic I just posted are things I’ve done for Christmas or since…I never ever get around to posting images, so I just kind of made myself sit down and do it today. Which is why I have several threads, and none of them tell you very much about what I did. :aww:

:woot: YAY for selling them… Everything looks wonderful and you have been very busy!! :happydance:

I’ll bet your customers will love 'em!

Those are really pretty!

Those bags are beautiful! And for people who dont knit - they love to get knitted goodies - if only they knew how easy it was (at times!)

Those are beautiful bags! Do you sell them on the internet or in a store?


Great looking bag! I can see why people wanted them.