Two new sweater patterns for Artlady

Well, I purchased two designs from Twist Collective today. There were so many I loved, but these two offer something different by either the color possibilities, or the subtle cable & lace patternwork.

I purchased the CORCOVADO for the color possibilities: I can see it as a basic black sweater, with the [U]Front[/U] vertical striping in light grey and med heathery grey! Or, as a basic cream sweater with light tan & med sand striping. Like this color palette.

I like the CORCOVADO for it’s simple sihouette, and simple construction. I like the applied i-cord around the edges. Clean, simple. If you’re a reluctant sweater knitter, this would be the perfect design for you to try! We could knit it together!

I also purchased the more complex CITHARA hoodie pattern. It is also a simple sihouette, with some sweet cable & lace work down the Fronts and up over the attached hood. I think the hood could easily be ditched in favor of a collar because the hood is picked up around the neck edge. So you can do what you want to with the stitches.

The CITHARA cable & lace front panels are knit from charts, but the word-for-word instructions are given as well. I hate word-for-word instructions for cable and/or lace work, but I know many folks prefer it. Charts are IMHO the only way to go. If you don’t knit from charts [U]when they’re provided[/U], you’re selling yourself down the river. It’s so much easier. I can show you the way to make it EASY.

Designers that charge money, and who don’t (won’t) provide charts as an option for cables and/or lace are lazy. Same goes for a designer that doesn’t provide schematics for measurement purposes. L.A.Z.Y. I quit purchasing books from one of my favorite designers for the lack of schematics. $20 for a book without schematics, but full pages and pages of photos of the garments? I purchase a book of patterns for the DESIGNS, not for a coffee table picture book.

Pet peeve.

Whole-hearted agreement here on charts and schematics. Charts are much easier to follow along, keeping your place, than lines of instructions. If schematics are missing, I inevitably wind up calculating my own (as far as I can) from the st and row gauge, swearing at the directions all the way.
I can’t wait to see your version of both sweaters. Each one looks like a fun project.