Two needle socks

Two needle socks.


Very nicely done! Te socks look lovely and cushy.
Is this your own pattern or can you give us a link to the pattern?

This is by Ruby Stedman. When she gets to the heel and toe, I do mine differently. Total cast on is 36 sts. Work heel and toe on 18 sts. Do the decreases until 1/3 sts remain, 6 stitches in the center. It can be done on any sock pattern. Heel is worked on half the stitches. Heel decreases are done until 1/3 of sts remain in center. K1, ssk, k to last 3 sts. K2tog, k 1. Second row, p across. Repeat until 1/3 of sts remain. Pick up one st from right edge of knitting one row below. K across rest of stitches. Pick up one st from left edge of knitting one row below. Be sure to pull sts tightly after picking up. Second row purl across. Repeat until you have original number of 18 on needle. Follow Ruby’s directions and repeat for the toe. You may have to adjust sock length depending on your foot size. I believe this is done on size 7 straight needles. I use #8 because I have wide feet.

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The sock heel is similar to this video. I do the decreases a little differently and pick up stitches all on the knit side. This is a German knitter. She has other videos in German. You can usually understand what they’re doing just by watching and pausing the video to count stitches on the needle. Cue to 12:00.

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These look lovely and cosy. Well done!


Nice socks! Well done!