Two more in the round hats!

After finishing Who? I went ahead and did a couple more hats. The first one is a seed stitch hatI found also on Ravelry and one too.

Your three hats are beautiful!! I’m glad you jumped in and tried working in the round. It’s not hard, but so many people think it will be. I can see you’re not stopping the making of hats for a while. LOL

You’re a hoot. Two more hats,and they both look great.

Now you need to knit a pullover, it goes very fast (especially one for a child) and you’ll never go back to using straight needles. Circulars help to distribute the weight of your knitting, even if knitting ‘flat’.

BTW, once again, just love the colors you chose.

Great job on these! You’re a pro already. :slight_smile:

:yay: they look great!

Wow, they’re both gorgeous!

Oh, those are GREAT!!! Love them!!

Way to go! They look great!!

Yay! Awesome hats. I was really afraid of knitting in the round for a long time too and now I just love it. :yay:

Thanks everyone! I really do love knitting in the round and am now queueing up patterns for just that purpose. It’s so much fun!

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]Oh yes… just love the hats!:thumbsup:
The colours are gorgeous!
:knitting: [/COLOR]

Those are looking really good! I love the seed stitch. :slight_smile: