Two more baby sweaters

This little sweater has been one of my favorite patterns over the years. It is so easy and pretty quick, being in sport weight yarn. I have never done it with the intarsia block patterns before (they are what the pattern calls for orginally), usually do it one color or add something else. I’m running low on some of this yarn, so seemed like a good way to use the small amounts. :wink:

Here is a picture of the cute little sheepy buttons I put on this pullover.

And here is the other sweater. Both of these sweaters are supposed to be size 0-3 months but this one is smaller than the other one. Both sweaters are knitted of acrylic yarn, Patons Fairytale.

Both my daughter and her husband are cat people, so the kitty buttons are purr-fect. :thumbsup:


Wow, they’re both so beautiful!! I really love the buttons - what a great accent!!! It’s cool how you mixed it up with the intarsia block patterns on the first one. Such a wonderful job!! :happydance:

They are both adorable, but the blue and yellow one is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!!

The sweaters are so cute! I really like the blue and yellow one. You did a nice job with the way you used the colors!

Those are both adorable.

Love them both! I think I did the one at the bottom as well…what pattern is the top one with the tlwo colors?? I love it–and it’s such a good job you did on the both of them!!!:cheering: What size needles did you use to make them so small?

Those are SO cute!

Ellen, or is it Trudy? :slight_smile:

The yellow and blue sweater is from an old Phildar book (magazine size, softcover). Under the words Phildar on the front it says," A New Layette in Pastel Shades", and it is book No. 103. It is pattern number 29 in the book. (this book has 40 patterns, or which I have only used 2) In the picture in the book they made theirs out of a blue and an aqua. It says in the book to use a US #4 needle. I’m pretty terrible about writing down what size needles I used. I use to knit so loose that I had to use several sizes smaller than called for all the time, but recently something has happened and I often use the size called for or only one size smaller. They say to knit the neck band and then to sew it on, backstitching stitch for stitch. I just pick up stitches and knit it on.

The pink and white one is a version from Patons Beehive Wee Wonders booklet number 478 (this booklet has 6 things in the table of contents, but two of them have several pieces, I have made several of them). It is a take off of the sweater hanging in the back on the front, called Sugar and Spice. Number 1 in the booklet, the cardigan. They made half of the front and one sleeve with stripes of blue, white and pink. They described the sweater by number of rows worked on the fronts, but I just figured out from that how many inches I needed. Mine is so different, I basically rewrote it. It says to knit on a US 6 and that worked for me. This sweater has 48 stitches on the back, and 22 stitches on each front, that is why it is so small.

I’m glad you like them. Thank you.

Merigold :x:

Very cute…! :heart:

[B]Hi Merigold! :waving:[/B]

[B]I think they are both WONDERFUL! I especially like the blue/yellow pullover. I like the way the blocks are offset! [/B]

[B]Very good looking sweater!!! :cheering:[/B]

I really love your baby sweaters! Beautiful work and the buttons are so cute!!!

I didn’t realize I had never written a thank you on this thread. :eyes: There are so many things going on on this forum that I can’t keep track of everything. :ick: Ick me, not ick the forum. :lol:

Thank you all for the wonderful comments. Thanks so much for taking the time to write them. :muah: :muah: :notworthy: With feed back like this… I think I’ll keep knitting. :wink: