Two more baby blankets

These are for my nephew’s new twin daughters, Jazmynn and Jaelynn. The girls are precious (of course) and I hope the blankets will help keep them warm and cozy this Winter.

Oh how pretty! Such a lovely gift!

How lovely! Love the colours… love the girls’ names… different and charming.
TEMA :knitting:

Those are terrific! Nice colors for the cold days ahead. Makes me want a new bright colored blankie.

:inlove: These are adorable. I am sure the little ones will love them!

Those are gorgeous!

How beautiful! Very pretty and soft looking.

I like how they are different from each other, for two reasons.

  1. They will be able to tell whose is whose (very, very important)

  2. for a personal reason, I always disliked getting the exact same thing as my twin. Yes, we are twins, but we are also unique individuals too. It was fun to match each other, sometimes, but not all the time.

I especially hated it because my twin is a he…) :lol:

Oooooo, I love the colors! Great work! Thanks for sharing your beautiful work with us! :heart:

Thanks! The blankets are sooo soft, I may use the rest of that white yarn and the bright variegated stuff to make myself a lap blanket for TV time this Winter :heart:

LOL! I have a sister two years younger than me and a LOT of the time growing up, we were given identical gifts. :eyes: Being able to tell whose is whose was very important to us (not to mention the squabbles and sibling battles that were triggered when we couldn’t).

My son and his wife have boy/girl twins that are almost 4. I’ve stayed well away from identical gifts and instead kind of gone with a ‘theme’ for them. He’s into Angry Birds, she’s into Dora… they might both receive a stuffed character toy, but it’ll be the character they love best.

I’ll do the same for my nephew’s girls, as well. They are already very different from each other in temperment and appearance. So far the only things I see that they have in common are the same parents, hair color and birthday<G>.

I have to say that I sometimes gave my girls the same thing, but I tried to do different colors. Sibling rivalry can also rear it’s ugly head if one feels the other one gets something better so it’s hard for parents, too. :lol:

Well I think you’ve made perfect blankets for the twins, bright and cheery. They’ll love them even as they grow up.

Just in time for winter! The colors are just lovely, too.