Two long loops at end of first row

Okay I got the casting part down…that was so easy. I tried to stitch a row and when I got to my last stitch I ended up with two long loops dangling at the end of the row. What did I do wrong?


Which cast on are you using?

If you used the backward loop CO over your thumb, that’s why. It does that and isn’t a good one to use for starting a project because it moves the yarn along the needle and you end up with extra at the end.

I was using the thumb method of casting on that starts with a slip-knot. This was the one shown in the book I got.


Use the knit or cable cast on, or try the Long tail. LT can also be done two handed which is using the thumb to make a loop, then ‘knitting’ a stitch and pulling the thumb loop over the stitch.

I tried the long tail method and it turned out better.

I do have a few more questions. When I finish a row do I take the last stitch off the left needle and start over with the right or do I leave it on and just switch hands? I’m finding that the last stitch on the row is leaving an extra long loop…if that sounds right. Also, what is the right needle suppose to look like when you knit 1 stitch then purl 2 stitches. I got a weird criss cross pattern on the needle when I did it.

I’m starting with a scarf. I think I did a knit stitch for 15 rows then I decided to try three groups of 1 row purl, then 1 row of knit. I liked what happened. :slight_smile: So after the third set I do two more rows of knit stitch and got a cool raised line. When my daughter saw it she wanted the whole thing done that way. When it’s long enough I’ll come back and ask how to finish it off and what I do with the tail at the beginning. :slight_smile:


Switch hands. The last st can be a little loose, especially on the first row, but once you’ve knit a little more it won’t be.

When you move the yarn from the back to front in k1, p2, take it [I]between[/I] the needles, not over. That creates an extra stitch if the yarn is over the needles.

When you’re done, thread the beginning tail through the sts so it doesn’t show.