Two lonely singles

It turned out reading about knitting and designing is as addictive as knitting itself. That’s why I only have two lonely hand warming objects :slight_smile: Making thrummed mittens was fun and I will finish the pair soon. The wristwarmer was/is a Christmas gift that might not happen this year.

There are also about 5 sweater patterns in progress that range from an idea to a knitted sweater without sleeves but none of it is written. Hence the pile.

Well, your singles are very attractive, so they shouldn’t have any trouble finding mates!!

I have that top book, and it’s certainly an interesting read! Perhaps you can save some of the reading for when you’ve knitted so much that your hands hurt. Or maybe you’re fortunate enough not to have that problem!! Regardless of whether you’re knitting or reading though, it’s all beneficial.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Yeah, most likely I don’t knit [I]enough [/I]to know if my hands would hurt.

That’s the thing about knitting for hands or feet, you always have the other one to knit if you don’t do them both at the same time, which I don’t like to do. They are terrific looking though!!!

I dunno! You seem to crank out the knits much faster than I do. I don’t know how you do it with small children afoot. I have difficulty finding knitting time with just a husband and a “I-want-in-your-lap” kitty around!!!

Both are great, but I love that thrummed mitten! :inlove: I can hardly wait to see both projects when finished…

Olha, you’ve done it again. The mitten and the wristwarmer are lovely! Those will make perfect pairs (perhaps not with each other). Very beautiful and wonderful presents.

Thanks! I will try to get better pictures outside when their significant others appear.

The thrummed mittens kit was from the local sheep farm/yarn business. It was my first time knitting not ‘soft’ wool but despite its ‘toughness’ it was surprisingly pleasant, spring-y, and ‘reliable’. With more experience, the quality/origins of yarn becomes more noticeable and significant in different ways.

ETA: the spot in the middle where one thrum was missing (well, ommited as I was dealing with a thumb and then forgot about it) is fixed. Just in case anyone (everyone?) noticed.