Two hunter's hat done!

Hi’ya! :waving:

Thanks to the pattern search help I received from my KH sisters…I cast-on and finished two hunter’s hats for DH. Start to finish: 2 days.

Here they are, kinda unusual and maybe dorky looking…but they will do the job they are intended for! They are knit with KnitPicks DK Merino Style wool. Only use wool for hunter’s or mountaineer’s cold weather clothing.

This is the Blue Hills Hat. Link HERE

Earflaps can be worn up, if desired. I used 3 strands held together with a US 11 needle for correct gauge. Warm and Cozy!

This is the Balaclava Helmet. Knit single strand with US 9.
HERE is the pattern link.

Can be worn covering the nose as well.

I made the dicky extra long in back…to help keep his shoulder muscles warm and loose.

My boyfriend loves the helmet! He wants me to make him a viking one to fit under a helmet when he fights in the SCA. Excellent job!!

Nice job on the hat/helmet. It looks like your husband is pleased and is exactly what he needs for hunting. It is sure nice to be able to make things like that and not have to go buy it, isn’t it? Hooray for knitting!

I LOVE them!
Very Holden Caulfield meets safety helmet. :cheering:

Very nice! I just showed the pictures to my husband, and now he wants me to make him the helmet for hunting too.

Very nice, ArtLady. :cheering: I like the balaclava best, but the other one is good too, especially when down. I don’t know if the orange screams enough. :lol: It’s nice to see some pictures of your DH. He looks like a nice guy. Or… possibly a band robber. :shock: Just kidding. Merigold

Those are both great!
I especially like the one that you can fold up. :slight_smile:

Has anyone ever told you that your DH looks a lot like Jason Robards??(pic #2) Nice job on the hats/helmets. DH works outside so I’m thinking of making him the balaclava. Any suggestions for yarn subs with low or no wool content??

[B]That looks great artklady~! VERY WARM!!![/B]

Those look warm and toasty–perfect for cold weather. How’d get your husband to model for you? :?? Gun to the head?

:roflhard: Just kidding. None of my family is very cooperative about modeling for me–even with a gun. :teehee:

They look great!! :happydance:I should make one for my dad to wear outside while he works…hrmmmmm

Those are terrific! Thanks for sharing the balaclava especially (my husband has wanted one since last winter); I had copied the patterns the other day and rummaged through the stash for yarn, but hadn’t actually chosen which one to do yet! Thank you to both you and your husband for helping us make up our minds!:thumbsup:

Ya’know…I thought I would have to pull teeth to get him to model…but he ACTUALLY ASKED ME, “do ya wanna take some photos of me wearing them”? :passedout: A model my DH is not…but maybe the warm fuzzies of having two new hunter’s hats just made him a little :eyes: for a minute. :teehee:

:teehee: Don’tcha love it when they surprise you in those little ways!

Hi’ya Debi!:waving:

Am I safe in assuming that your DH can’t wear wool?
Can he wear alpaca? I think that would be a good substitute. My daughter can’t wear alpaca, but can wear merino wool, like Malagrigo. So maybe your DH can wear one and not the other, too.

Another suggestion! [B]Encore[/B] Worsted by Plymouth is 25%wool/75%acrylic. HERE is a link to Patternworks, an online store that I do business with, and they have ENCORE WORSTED in solids and variegated. Nice yardage, afforadably priced.

The reason wool is good in cold weather: even if wet, it keeps you warm. It feeds your body heat back to you.

Of course, nothing is complete armor against hypothermia if you become lost in freezing weather for an extended period of time.

My husband’s brother is a mountaineer (and a Washington State Search & Rescue volunteer). He always wears wool everything when out in the elements. The mountaineers won’t even take you with them on a hike or trip if you are not wearing wool, it’s that essential.

Hey ArtLady, thanks for the ideas. I’m the one allergic to any animal fibers. I thought I could suffer through some woolease again, around 20% wool I think, to keep him toasty. I made him a hat with it last winter and didn’t have too bad of a reaction, but it’s kind of rough. I’ll check out the store you suggested. Thanks, again!!


Nice hats, I’m thinking I should do the balaclava in black for myself, and scare people with my sneaky ninja ways.

I’ve always loved this Ninja Bunny Hat, but maybe an earless balaclava would be more socially acceptable.