Two Help Questions CO & YO

I’m pattern illiterate! Two questions.

What the heck does CO in multiples of 3 mean? Or CO 2 +1?

Next question is in the Raisin Washcloth pattern from knitpicks.

In the pattern it says *k2, (yo, pull the last st over the yo) 4 times; rep from *.

I’m okay with the k2. I don’t understand how to (yarn over, pull the last stitch over the yarn over). Its as clear as mud. And do I do that 4 times until the end?

I should just log on here permanently!


If you cast on in multiples of 3, then your total should be divisible by 3.

If the pattern repeat is 2 + 1, then you cast on an even number of stitches and add 1.

After you knit 2, bring the yarn to the front as if to purl and then back over the needle to the back. Then pick up the stitch before it that’s on the right needle and lift it up and off the tip of the needle. Do that all the way across the row.

CO (cast on) in multiples of 3 means that you would cast on 3, 6, 9, 12, etc., ANY multiple of 3 would work with that particular stitch pattern. It is not, however, the same as multiple of 2+1. An example of that would be 5. Two stitches, times two (multiple of two) plus 1 equals 5. Another example would be 7 (2x3+1) or 9 (2x4+1) etc.

*k2, (yo, pull the last st over the yo) 4 times; rep from *

First off, do you know what a ‘yo’ is? If not, I’ll direct you to the abbreviations page where you will find a video demonstrating a yarn over (yo). Once that’s clear, you will start off your row with a K2, which you understand, then a yo onto the right needle, then the stitch that is immediately next to the yo will be lifted over the yo and off the needle. You will repeat only the part within the brackets, a total of 4 times, and then because there’s a ‘rep from *’, you will return back to the beginning of the instruction and do the same thing over again, as many times as it takes you to get to the end of your row.


In my brain it is reminding me of casting off, except you are YO and not knitting. So, basically, I’m taking the stitch next to th YO off the needle completly & not putting onto the other needle, right?

So it would work like this:

k2 (yo, pulling the last st over the yo) 4 times; k2 (yo, pulling the last st over the yo) I’m doing the yo the st. 4 times before my next k2?

I’m sorry - I’m over analizing this. It should be easy, right? Its only a washcloth.

Knitting is suppose to be relaxing ! :roflhard:

Yes, you’re right about everything you said there! :cheering:

Wow, it feels good to understand that! Thankyou all! Its actually easy!