Two Handed Fair Isle

So is two-handed fair isle basically knitting continental with one color strand and knitting english with the other color strand? Is this a good technique for fair isle knitting?

I love doing it that way myself. Ingrid prefers to hold both colors in her right hand. I think it’s whatever you get used to. Here’s where i learned to knit fair isle with both hands. You’ll need IE.

Since Fair Isle only uses two colors on each row, what is the best method for changing colors for the next row? For example, the first row has colors A and B, then the next row has colors A and C. How do you switch from color B to C?

This is the main reason I learned to knit continental, for Fair Isle work. Makes it so much faster and easier!

You just drop the yarn and pick up the new one. As long as you are only going a row or two (maybe three) then you can carry it up the side. Much more than that and you may want to cut it.

Oh, that’s great! I’m so excited to try this!!!

I prefer one colour in each hand but that’s not very helpful for more than 2 colours. You may also like to check out a yarn guide or ‘Strickfingerhut’ or colourwork thimble, which fits on your finger with grooves for the different colours to fit into. Do be aware that in some cases the tension in your hands may differ, and always make sure the same colour is coming from under, rather than switching hands.

If it’s more comfortable, than you can hold your yarns in one hand. I prefer to hold both my yarns in my left hand, and Ingrid prefers her right. If you’re an English Knitter, hold the yarns in your right. If continental, hold them in your left. This is how I hold my Fair Isle yarns:


That’s my favorite fair isle video! I learned without one (and learned to knit English just to do fair isle), but Ann does such a beautiful job of explaining the technique. It definitely simplified the process for me.

That is a great video. I’m not comfortable with holding yarn in both hands, but, that is a great video to learn from if you are! I would tell you to try all methods and pick one that you like best.