Two Gnomes felted

MrsBear87 posted her Finished Gnome here
so I kept watching her website for the pattern… and after much confusion on my part and her being super patient with me :teehee: I finally downloaded the pattern… they both took just a couple hours to do… longest part was me getting myself in gear to felt them… Mine holds my tape measure and the other is for my dh who after seeing mine wanted his own… :teehee: I think I’m going to add eyes to mine just gotta dig some out… anyways I thought they were cute and wanted to post them here in case others wanted to make them… they are now available the pattern is very easy to understand and is very well written :cheering: and I got to use some of my stash up… :teehee:

those are cute! :slight_smile:

cute!! :teehee:

Thank you!! I love how my gnome hides my tape measure now… before my little girl would take it even when I thought I had it up :?? that is all I got done searching for my tape measure lol now she doesn’t know where it is… :roflhard: I don’t use the Gnome in front of her…