Two FOs (finally done :)

Yay! I did it: Latoya in the round:

It wasn’t too hard to figure out how to do this on a circ instead of two pieces then seaming. Unfortunately, it grew when it got washed. Huh. Maybe it will shrink in the dryer on low? It’s two inches too big.

Another two:

On top is Anthropologie-inspired capelet from and below is Hey Mickey! from They’re for my neice who is turning two. I love these! I hope she puts them on and they take photos for me so I can see her in them. They’re just missing a ribbon to tie them together.

Both are in Lion Brand Cottonease, Latoya in taupe and the bottom two in lime.

I hope you like them!

WOW those are sooooooooo cute:cheering:The Capelet and skirt are just adorable:woohoo:Will be waiting for pictures

Wow! Both of them are awesome! I hope to see the baby in the outfit, too!

All beautiful! I sure hope you’re able to wear the tank. It is so pretty, it would be a shame if it didn’t fit after all your hard work. The sweater & skirt for your niece are adorable!

That caplet and skirt are just too cute! Great job!!:cheering:

It’s so cute! And i just loved the capelet:cheering:!

Very cute!

So cute .

I love the top it look beautiful.

Great work


Thanks all :slight_smile:

I haven’t dared to try the top in the dryer yet. Maybe I’ll get brave soon.

Wonderful! I have to go find that Hey Mikey pattern right now.

They look great. How did you manage the sizing on the Anthropologie-inspired capelet? Did you just use smaller needles and thinner yarn?

Your neice is going to look the bees knees in that little outfit!!
Well done x

Your FO’s are lovely. Where can I get the Latoya pattern?

I wanna know too! There is a baby coming up and I need a good gift :slight_smile:


[B][I]Thanks for sharing the excellent photos! Wow![/I][/B]

Oh my - they are so very cute!!!

Awww…thank you :slight_smile: KHers are knitting pros so it’s great to read your comments.

Latoya is a freebie Berrocco pattern and it’s here.

Hey Mickey is from and it’s here.

The capelet pattern is in a thread over at over here.

For the capelet, yes, I used the same pattern (same number of stitches almost) but smaller needles and thinner yarn. They’re knit with size 8 circs, I just added a stitch to the back part so that the eyelets came out correctly. I also did seed stitch instead of ribbing just because I like the looks of it better. The thing is, this is the exact same size I used to make a capelet for a 6yr old and it fit her. LOL. I hope it will be big only for a little while. Good thing is that she’d get a lot of wear out of it.

I’m glad you liked the photos…the colors are very much more saturated than in real life, however. The lime green color is really more tame than the photo shows. But still very bright and fun. I was going to get a white 1/4" grograin ribbon to thread in both the skirt and capelet, but I’m thinking an off-white linen color would look nicer.

These were so fun to knit! I really love Cottonease and wish they had more colors because I would love to make a blanket with it. By the way, I used two balls for the capelet/skirt outfit and have maybe 1/3 of a ball left in lime.

Wonderful Job!!!:cheering:
The baby dress is soooo… very cute!!:heart:

WOW! Great job!