Two FOs - but what to do now? Help needed=)

I’ve just finished my second project, a Mr Bean Teddy. I learnt to knit this summer when visiting a folk museum (in Norway), and bought a kit to make this teddy:

And now I’ve finished my second project:

I’m addicted to knitting and want to start a new project, any ideas?? At some point I want to learn to knit socks (I love Norwegian style socks and everythng “Selbu”!) but I’m not ready for knitting with DPNs yet…

They look lovely ! I think you have done very well ! I love the Mr bean Teddy :slight_smile:

:yay: They look wonderful!

If your not sure about dpns how about trying magic loop or 2circs. I like to use dpns (and they look harder than what they are), but most of my socks/mittens/gloves/etc are done with magic loop. :happydance:

Do you have any small children or nephews/nieces? A garter (plain) stitch jersey would expand your skills and make something lovely for them. Love the brown bear!

Thanks for the suggestions, I really apprecate it. Unfortunately I don’t know any babies/toddlers to knit for. I have ordered a small cicular needle from ebay so will try to make something with that when it arrives! =)

they look great! Have you learned to purl yet? A nice scarf for yourself or a dishcloth would be a great way to practice some new stitches and give you confidence to move on!

I have been knitting for a few years now and have yet to take on dpns or magic loop - though I plan to soon! I have made a few afghans and a couple of baby sweaters, booties, hats an mini mittens, so there are things you can do in the meantime :slight_smile:

Great job on both! Congrats on learning to knit!! I did lots of scarves and dish or wash cloths when I started knitting. It was a great way to learn new stitches.

I love Mr. Bean and I have to say, “I see the resemblance”. DPNs aren’t that hard and animal bodies arms and legs would be a good thing to make on them. Hat’s are easy to make and fast, gratifying projects.

There are so many possibilities for your next project … you could make a hat, a scarf, dishcloths are a great way to practice to new stitches, mittens, a lapghan…welcome to the the addiction.

What kind of things are you interested in making? Since you are on Ravelry, maybe you could try out the pattern browser.

Click on the patterns tab and then on the upper left hand side of the page, underneath the seach field, you’ll see a link for the pattern browser.

It opens a page where you can select certain criteria for the types of patterns you want (whether or not it’s free, knitting or crocheting, weight of yarn, what it is, etc.)