Two colour top down fisherman’s rib anyone?

Hi everyone, I’m new here - has anyone seen a pattern for a top down fisherman’s rib pullover? Not brioche, half brioche, or brioche tuck etc etc. which are much more fiddly than fisherman’s rib. I can’t find anything, and even Ravelry seems confused by it all! A search brings up patterns where the designer talks about the pattern being fisherman’s rib - but the tags at the bottom don’t mention this - they say brioche tuck or half brioche, which not the same thing, with an entirely different construction. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated, many thanks

Welcome to the forum!
I couldn’t find anything either. This pattern comes closest and you could contact the designer to ask whether this is indeed fisherman’s rib or brioche tuck.
I was also wondering if you could use a pattern written for brioche and work it as fisherman’s rib instead?