Two colors

I have volunteered to knit a baby blanket for my niece. I have a pattern that her mother likes but she wants me to use two colors. One for the body and the second for the edge. It is a basket weave pattern and there is a edge of six stiches on each side and then the body. I need to know how to use the two colors so that i am not cutting an patching at each edge.

You’ll need to use one strand of the edge color, then the middle color, and another strand for the other edge.

Work across the edge with the one color, then hold that yarn over to the left so that it lays on top of the center color, then pick up the center color and work across. Hold the center color over on top of the yarn for the other edge and finish with the edge color.

You’ll probably work the first several rows with the edge color, so when it comes time to change, work the first edge with the yarn you’ve been using, then start knitting with the center color, and when you get to the other edge, use another strand of the edge color. You’ll have to weave in the ends later.

To get a visual of how to switch colors without leaving a hole, look at the video for Intarsia knitting.

Or you could do the body, then pick up stitches on all sides and do a border in garter stitch or seed or ribbing…

you can either crochet the edge after your done making the center or you can pick up and knit the outside stitches onto the center. If you do not know how to pick up and knit or crochet you can go to youtube and generally there are really great postings of tutorials.
Hope that helps.

I think I’d use Ingrid’s method, but that’s just my preference because I don’t like picking up stitches, especially as many as would be required for the edges of a baby blanket.

But if you were going to pick up along the edges, how would you do the corners?