Two colors issue

Alright, I’m doubleknitting a scarf as yuo’ll see in the pictures…however, one side(the black side) appears fine to me…but the red side has black sliding over into it? What am I doing wrong?

Hi Brittany,

With double knitting, I always try really hard to knit as tightly as I can. The fact that you’re moving the yarn from front to back with every stitch tends to make double knitting a lot looser than your normal gauge, and can lead to “show through” if you don’t tighten up. I also usually knit on needles at least two and sometimes three sizes smaller than what I’d use if I was doing “normal” one sided knitting.

The only other tihings I can think of is that the black is shedding A LOT, :shock: or that the dye is rubbing through (though that’s more common with RED yarn)

Good luck!


Thanks, See there’s no real pattern for this scarf I’m making…it was just an idea I had one day. haha so I’ll keep trying to knitt it until I get it to my safisfaction. :XX: I wish it would work out properly now because the two colors are the colors of my university so…I’d like to have it doen by the time I get my bachelors eh? lol Thanks again