Two colors at once

I would like to knit a dish cloth with two colors at the same time. Not double yarn though. I have already done stripes and ball band. Does anyone have a different way?:think:

You probably want an intarsia or stranded pattern. There’s a video for those methods on the Advanced Techniques page. I don’t know of an actual pattern though.

Here are 2, and these sites have a lot more patterns on them.

The 2nd one is cute with 2 or 3 colors, just make each segment a new color, and cross the colors over each other as you switch, so it stays tight.

oops, I put a link to Ballband, after I re-read your post I realized. But, maybe the other one will be of interest to you., At Christmastime I did them in red, white, and green segments. Pretty cute.

In addition to the ones already mentioned you could try one like this.

Thank you all for your suggestions. I will be checking out all the links given. I watched the videos for two colors. Boy! I wish I was coordinated enough to hold my yarn the way she does! It’s the reason I don’t crochet, I can’t seem to be able to hold the yarn. While kniting it doesn’t seem to matter how I hold the yarn. However I am very slow, because of my lack of hold.

Almost any pattern would look nice if you change color at each repeat section (see feather/fan pattern above).

Here’s a ton to look thru:

Are you talking about double knitting where you knit both side and the design is reversed in color? Like if you want a dish cloth with a heart in the center and you wanted the colors to be red and blue. On one side the heart would be red and on the other side the heart would be blue and the background colors would be reversed also.

That sounds interesting. Will it be too thick for a dishcloth?