Two-color scarf

I just started knitting recently, and I’ve gotten confused looking at all the results for multi color knitting, so pardon if the answer to my question is easily found:

Is there a relatively easy way to knit something (a scarf, specifically) using two colors? I’m fine with it being a simple stitch. I’m not looking for fancy patterns or borders. However, if there’s a simple way to add fringing that would be great too.


Are you wanting to knit with two colors, such as stripes, or just add a different color fringe? If you knit flat and want two use two colors you can just change the color at the end of a row and have stripes; other ways of knitting with colors are more complicated. If you want to add fringe, that’s easily done. Let us know more and someone can surely help you figure it out.

I want to knit with two colors. Striped sounds fine.

Is there a specific way that you do the color change? It’s kind of breaking my head as to how you’d do that

When you want to change colors, just start knitting with the new color. The ends can be loosely tied, but the stitches will probably remain loose but you can tighten them up. If you change colors after just a few rows you can carry the color you aren’t using up the side and avoid all those pesky ends to weave in. If you do this, you might want to cover the edge later with a border of some sort, but that’s your call. You could try it out on a small swatch just to get the hang of it; you might have some specific questions that could be addressed before you start a bigger project. It’s not difficult, just some things to learn.

I like the method GG recommends of carrying the yarn up the side. This video doesn’t do that but you can decide for yourself whether to carry the yarn or cut and weave in the ends.

Here’s also another way to do it by knitting vertical stripes. It’s different and kind of fun and you learn how to change colors across a row, too.
Enjoy the color changes.

This I gotta try! Thanks for the link.

Honestly, cutting the yarn scares me. There’s such a finality to it - I’m still at the point where if I feel like I’ve messed up my knit and I’m not that far along, I just unravel it all.

So…with that in mind, have you guys seen this before?

I’m guessing she just added the color by doing this:

How well would this work? From the way she added the color, I’d be afraid the tail would come off and the knit would unravel.

I’m with you on cutting yarn, if I change my mind I have all those shorter pieces. I can and do cut it when I need to but I want to be sure I need to. The videos you found are great, they show you exactly what you want to do. I think I’ll try her method of using the tail as you knit the first stitches.

If possible, I carry my yarn up the side of a scarf…but not on the very outside edge…about 1 (or 2) stitches in from the end. The edge is clean as a whistle. Of course, I realize this will be trickier with radically different color changes…but it can be done.

I did this with a scarf where I had to alternate skeins due to color variations in the hand paint.