Two Color Rib Stitch

I’m having some problems with a two-color rib stitch. I’ve cast on (several times, grr! :slight_smile: ) the Three Tams from the Winter Knitty. The bottom of the hat is a two-color rib stitch that I seem to be struggling with.

The first time I tried it, I kept the main color (which I was using to knit every other stitch) in the back of the work and the contrasting color (which was purled) in the front. Obviously that went awry… the contrasting color carried over all the knit stitches.

The second time, I tried to move the yarn as necessary to purl, then move it back to the back of the work for the next stitch, but that just created yarnovers.

I guess I’m at a bit of a loss. If I don’t carry the yarn at the front, and if I don’t carry it at the back…?

I’m sure I’m making this more complicated than need be, but I’m trying to wrap my brain around a solution.

What’s the secret?

You have to keep both yarns in back when you knit, then bring the purl yarn to the front between the needles, purl the stitches, and bring it to the back before you knit the next two.