Two Color problem! Quick help.. :(

Hi people, Hope someone here can help, I am knitting a baby jumper that is multi colored, all is well but on the front and back it is two colors…26 stitches blue, 26 green…how do I do it still giving a neat finish?..I have tried twisting the wool…but on some rows it looks great…others terrible, I know it must be something simple…but my pattern mentions nothing about how to do this (obviously I’m meant to know already)…hope someone can help as this jumper is a gift for a friends baby :frowning:

The main thing on a multi-colored project is to make the outside look good. On the inside you’re twisting st, attaching different colors, weaving in yarn, etc. You can do you best to keep it simple on the inside–keeping any loops small, etc.

If you are alternating colors, as in Fair Isle, being consistent helps to make the inside neater. Always designate one yarn as your “top” yarn and one as your “bottom” yarn. As you bring them across the back along the row be consistent as to which yarn is above the other. It’s very hard for me to explain, I hope you have something on two-color knitting. If you have a specific problem, please share. Hope this helped :slight_smile:

I looked up “Fair Isle” in a couple of books – if you have these or can get them from the library:

The big Vogue Knitting book has pictures that show how to strand correctly (and incorrectly!)…

Stitch ‘n’ Bitch gives an explanation (but not a lot of pics)…

Thanks alot, I’ll pull it down again and have another try :slight_smile: