Two color pattern ear flap hat

Hi all, I’m a relatively new knitter trying to branch out and I hope some expert out there can help! I’ll explain my problem as best I can.

I’m working on a hat with long ties and ear flaps. At the top of the ear flap it’s supposed to zig zag into three peaks. The “valleys” of the peaks will have the second color.

When I get to the top of the earflap, before the zigzag (which is worked in stockinette with some increases), I have 19 sts. Here’s what the pattern says to do next:

“At this point leave out the ribbing and knit stockinette. Finish chart making sure to end on a purl row. Place sts. on holdder and report for other earflap.”

Now, I’m going to try to explain the chart starting at the top left to right.
1 - all blank boxes
2 - all blank boxes
3 - 3 blank, X, 5 blank, X, 5 blank X, 3 blank
4 - same as 3
5 - 2 blank, 3 X, 3 blank, 3 X, 3 blank, 3 X, 2 blank
6 - same as 5
7 - 1 blank, 5 X, 1 blank, 5 X, 1 blank, 5 X, 1 blank
8 - All X’s

I’m new to reading patterns, so I assume that I’m starting at the bottom (all X’s). Are the X’s stitches? What do I do with the blank squares? I don’t drop the stitches, do I? I’m at a loss!

Any help would be greatly appreciated and I"m sorry for the long post!

The 'x’s stand for your second colour. You start by reading the chart on the bottom right.

[which gets me every times since you read left to right in English, but if you imagine laying that chart over your knitting you will see that you start on a right side RS row and will be on the right hand side of the fabric you are knitting]

So… knit 3 of MC (main colour), k1 of CA (colour a), k 5 of MC, k1 of CA, etc.

Then the next row, work in purl as previous row matching colours…

Whew! Thanks Songbirdy - I think it was just very late and the instructions didn’t say anything about [I]joining[/I] the CC. I’m used to patterns that tell me exactly what to do and when to it! Silly pattern, expecting me to THINK and knit!:slight_smile: