Two color knitting

I’m ready to start the next step in my knitting knowledge. I’ve been reading and watching the videos about two (et al) colored knitting, but am having trouble finding a beginner’s pattern to use for practice. Does anyone know where I could get a practice pattern? Thanks.


What type of 2 color knitting - stripes, intarsia, stranded/fair isle…?

I think that Fair Isle would be best to start out on. I still suck at two color knitting. The things I’ve done were easy and stranded.

Thank you for your quick responses. I think Fair Isle is what I want. I’m determined to learn it, I have so many really good sweater patterns that could be converted from a bland one color pattern if I could learn how to hold it all together.


There should be plenty of Fair Isle patterns around, some for mittens too. Have you checked or

My first project late last year was two colour. The process can be intimidating. I think I invented my own method. It wasn’t fast but it got it done. The big thing I later changed because I was using bulky 6-strand wool was pick-up the other colour every two or three stitches instead of five. I’m making a second vest now and and it is going much easier. Just dive into it. We only learn from our mistakes.:rofl:

What type of thing do you want to make? I’m about to start my first Fair Isle sweater, but I practiced first by making a Fair Isle dishcloth (:rofl: ) to get the hang of carrying 2 yarns.

Something a little more substantial than a dishcloth (but not as big as a sweater) would be a hat or socks (if you’re already used to making socks, if not I definitely would NOT choose that as a first Fair Isle). Elizabeth Zimmermann has some Fair Isle hat and sweater patterns that are pretty straightforward in several of her books if you (or the library) have one.

OR, here are a couple of sweater patterns I’m considering:
Lusekofte (I ordered the kit for this one and will most likely try this out first)
Cottage Garden

I’m trying to get together some knitters on KH for a Fair Isle Knit Along. I plan to start my project around Feb 1. I’ll message you if the KAL gets off the ground so you can pop in if you’re interested. :slight_smile: Welcome to KH!!! :cheering: :hug:

I love color knitting…and have found that learning to knit both ways has really helped. I carry the main color in my left and the contrast in my right. It really helps with my tension…I also weave the yarns on every 3rd st even if the 4th st changes color…I know some do this and some don’t…but I have found that this also helps with my tension and fit.

Just remember with color work not to pull the yarn tight it’s suppose to look loose on the needles and after you work a few rows you will see how well it comes together (of course you don’t want it super duper lose) :thumbsup:

Here is a free hat done in bulky weight Madison’s Hat

Are you on Ravelry?

There is a pattern on Ravelry called: Fake Isle Hat that is a GREAT first time project. It’s fair isle with a solid yarn and a varigated yarn. It’s called Fake Isle because the varigated yarn makes it look like a multi colored pattern but you are really on using two yarns.

It is a very well written pattern.