Two color help please

Hi knitters!

I am convinced that there is no way I am doing this right…

[B]I am doing this pattern:[/B]

[B]I am at this point:[/B]
Knit Chart 2 while noting the shaping below, decreases will fall in the middle of each color block:
Rnd. 35: Knit, carry yarn B across the 2 stitches of yarn A

I don’t get how to carry the yarn, it seems like too long of a distance. Does anyone understand how I am to do this? I’ve never knit with 2 colors before.

Here is my work now:


It sounds like you only carry the yarn over 2 sts. Twine color B around color A loosely so the yarn isn’t so loose.

Hi Sue,

I get that I carry the blue behind the grey for 2 sts, but what about when I’m knititng the blue which needs 13 sts?

If I do 13 sts in blue, then 2 sts in grey - what am I doing with the grey during the 13 blue sts? That is too far to carry it behind, right? That’s where I’m stumped.

thanks for any suggestions.

This is the video that helped me immensely with learning how to weave fair isle: I hope it’s as useful to you as it was to me.