Two color double shaker knitting

I’ve been working in Katharina Buss’ Big Book of Knitting for some time now and came across her section on two color double shaker knitting. I am fairly convinced that something more than a few typos are at work in the section. I believe it may have something to do with the fact that she mistakenly listed the WS as the RS and then reversed many of the stitches. Following it to the letter, all I can come up with is a mess. Hers is the version of double shaker kitting that uses the yarn over technique as opposed to knitting into the stitch below, which is not as neat a way of doing the stitch as the yarn over.

If anyone has the book and could look it over and confirm my suspicions, I’d appreciate it, or perhaps someone could just break it down in a different way for me. It’s winter and my kids are FREEZING! Any help would be appreciated.

I did a quick mini-swatch following the instructions, (never having attempted shaker knitting let alone two-colour double shaker) and I see what you mean.

I think, after having reviewed the pattern, that it is missing a WS instruction as it says that you will work two rows on the RS consecutively, (and then, therefore, also the WS) but only one instruction is given for the WS out of the four main rows, (not including the set-up row [1]).

Basically, you work from right to left with colour A then push your work back to the end where colour B begins and work that colour.

This should be done for each row for each colour.

Is that any help at all?

Oh and, wouldn’t you know it? Having seen the piccy of the sweater in the book my Hubby has decided that he wants a sweater just like that!

Shaker knitting here I come!!! :teehee:

Thanks for chiming in, but I don’t think that’s quite right. Rows 2,3,4 and 5 repeat, and WS only occurs once, but the instructions do tell you to either push stitches right or turn the work over in the right places. I think that whatever row is mislabeled RS also has the stitches backward, but again, I still don’t come up with anything resembling the pic in the book. I must be doing something wrong in my YOs.

Maybe you could try two colour double knitting, ribbed, instead. I think it would produce a similar finished result without the hassle of y/os.

If you do discover what’s happening, (or not) with the two colour shaker then be sure to update us.

I’ve written the publisher, we shall see.