Two color Cast on Problems

I am currently creating a blanket using the herringbone stitch. I have created the blanket by knitting squares with alternating colors (black and grey)

I started by casting on 74 sts and working in Herringbone stitch for approximately 64 rows. Then I alternate to the opposing color and work this way to create an additional 7 squares.

My plan was to create 7 strips like the above and then seam the sides of them using maybe the mattress stitch. But I realized it would be faster to knit TWO, 74 inch blocks, on my needles vs one strip at a time, thus making the process faster and most importantly, NO SEAMING!!!

I found a YouTube video explaining the two color cast on and thought using that method would work perfectly.

Here’s a link to the video:

Unfortunately as you can see from the picture attached…the only row that is seamless is the cast on row. I WILL admit that after finishing the cast on row the tail for the black section was on the other end other work…so I cut the tail and reconnected it…which I know is why it’s not seamless…but I’m sure there’s a way to so this.


It looks like you just dropped one color and started knitting with the other. You need to join the two together to make one piece. This is intarsia, a method of working with more than one color. This video shows how to twist the yarn to do it.

Is it possible to do this for the rest of the work so that I will only have maybe 1 to 2 inches to seam?

Thank you SOO much for your help!!! I love the forum!! You guys are awesome!!!

You could, I guess. I’d start over myself. Knitter’s choice.

Yea I thought about restarting but I’ll only have a few inches to seam. But thank you son much for your help!!! I never knew Intarsia could be as simple as twisting the yarn. Lol.