Two Circular Knitting Questions

[color=violet][b]Hi Moo here asking some questions about Two Circular Knitting. I am so excited that I am learning this method. Here are my questions.

  1. Is cast on amount for knitting socks on dpn’s the same for Two
    Circular? Example I cast on dpn’s 52 stitches for socks for myself.
    Do I do the same cast on for socks for myself on Two Circulars?

  2. I use size 6 dpn’s for making the cuff and leg part of my socks. Will
    using size 6 circulars make the sock different, than the ones that I
    make on size 6 dpn’s?

  3. On dpn’s I switch to size 3’s for the foot part of the sock to make the
    sock more snug, and was wondering if I can still switch to a size 3
    circulars for Two Circular knitting for making the foot part snug too?

  4. How do you knit the flap and foot on Two Circulars?

  5. Now, here’s the kicker. I have split sizes, and was wondering how do
    I knit 2 socks on Two Circulars with 2 different size socks or should
    I just do one sock at a time?

Thanks Moo :XX: [/b][/color]

When I use two circs, I use the same size I would of dpns and haven’t had a problem.

The number of cast on stitches is the same.

For questions 4 and 5, one of our sock people is going to have to help you there.

Wouldn’t you know I would forget a question!

I don’t knit Continental Style, so do I have to hold my yarn in my left hand when knitting Two Circular knitting? Normal for me is holding my yarn in my right hand.

Moo :XX: [b][color=olive][/color]

Not at all. I knit with the yarn in my right hand for everything.

When you are knitting with two circs, it’s just like regular knitting. It works out that you knit one side of the item, then turn it around and knit the other side.

The circs allow you to move the points to the end where you need them and the cords give you the flexibility to do that.

Once you actually do it the big AHA light goes on. :figureditout: