Two Circs?

I don’t really mind dpn’s, but I love knitting in the round on circular needles, so I want to learn how to do that with socks and other small diameter items. I’d like to learn to knit socks two-at-a-time so both will be the same size and length.

I’m leaning towards using two circular needles, but I don’t like the thought of buying two circs in the same size (sounds expensive). For the two circs method, can I use different types of needles as long as they are the same size? For example, if I already have a bamboo circ, can I put it with a metal circ? Do I need to worry about the cable being flexible when using the two circs method (I can see why it needs to be flexible for the magic loop). I have a set of Denise needles, will those work?

Can you please tell me the pros and cons of knitting with two circs and if it is a major expense to buy the needles?

If you already have 2 circs the same needle size it may work if they’re different material. Do a sample with both needles just to make sure there’s not a difference in gauge. The ends of the cable dangle a bit, so no, they don’t need to be as flexible as with ML. I usually buy cheap needles anyway, so they’re only about $5 each, less if I use coupons.

Like Sue said, do a test with the 2 needles but I bet you’ll be OK to use them. The needles don’t have to be quite so flexible as for ML. 24" length works good for 2 socks at once, 29" is OK too, but I don’t think I’d want longer then that.

As for Options, they only go down to size 5 needles so you probably won’t be making too many socks that use that weight yarn. They would work, though, if you were making socks that needed size 5.

Once you buy 2 sets of needles the same size, you’ll be set, so I don’t consider it extravagently expensive (they don’t have to be Turbos). Well, the only problem would be if you wanted to start a 2nd pair that needed the same size you already have the first pair on.

I used these 2 sites to learn to knkow w/2 circs:

circs-bamboo and plastic, mostly so that the girls in class (ME!) could figure out which one to knit the next round it.

As for two sizes, check gauge. Be careful with that. My LYS owner was telling us (in particular me, the Addi junkie)since I wanted to knit on Addis that Addis do not ''match" other needles in terms of size (diameter)-she says it is enough to make a difference and recommends either using no Addis or TWO Addis rather than, say, a size 5 Bryspun and a size 5 Addi, whereas two size 5 Addis would be fine. (hope I’m making sense…)

Let us know how you do! :slight_smile:

(Sorry, brain fog here. I can use two Addis but given my A.D.D and my first sock on 2 circs, she thinks I should have two different looking needles).

Okay, I’ll shut up now.

Hope my rambling helped a little.

The needles need to be the same size, but the cables don’t. :thumbsup:

Good point!

I had forgotten that that was actually suggested to me by another LYS owner because she knew I was a newbie.
That way, you can buy two beautiful Addis without guilt. :mrgreen:

I just wanted to interject here, maybe a little off topic, but…
I have found some of my best needles at garage sales and second hand stores. I’ve gotten Addi’s, Silvalumes, boyes, and some crazy crazy antique circs with the metal braided cables (no I don’t use those!!) But hey the price was like RIGHT… free or almost free!:happydance:
So, ladies n gents, don’t limit yourselves to the LYS or the ever shrinking crafts dept at the W:knitting:

Thank you all for your advice and comments. What brought this on was a mitten, a single little mitten that needed a mate. When I got about half-way through knitting the mate, I realized that the cuff didn’t look the same as the first mitten. I kept looking at it trying to figure out what was different (it wasn’t a huge difference). I finally figured out that I did 2X2 ribbing on the first mitten and 1X1 ribbing on the second mitten! And yes, I frogged back to the very beginning and am casting on all over again.

I could cry! This wouldn’t have happened if I knew how to do two circs. I have to learn how to do this!

Hiya The thing I find a big help when using two circs. is to use two needles that you can easily tell apart. Sometimes that means buying two different brands - it’s easy for me because I use a plastic cable and a metal cable, (not braided though) so I don’t get mixed up between the two. Check out the pics on my website, if you like, and then you can see what I’m on about. Ellie

You can also do 2 socks, mittens, sleeves on 1 circular I think Silver has directions on her sock tutorial site.

jdee and fibrenut posted about two circs too…did you see that thread? If not, look at what Amy posted about it too…

pls send me a link to find out how to do 2 socks, mittens, etc on one circ. i am also trying to figure out “magic loop” & want to do two of the same item using this technique. TIA!!
–meryl da barrel

I don’t have any of those links saved as I don’t use ML. But if you google ‘Magic loop 2 socks at once’ or similar you are sure to get several sites to look thru.

Here you go Silver’s 2 at once on one needle class