Two beginner questions

  1. when I sew a pom-pom on top of the hat with a twisted chain, do I tie knots on both ends? Does anyone has any link for a demo for that?

  2. for those who use circular all the way, how do you do the decreasing for the upper part and top of a hat?

Thank you very much !

i don’t think i understand the first question.

as far as the second you either have to switch to two circs or DPNs or some other method once you get too small for the one circ. i usually just grab the DPNs at that point to finish it off.

Please refer to this thread.

hmmm…i thought i had a picture in my bucket of a hat that i made but apparently not. i have one that has a pom on each end and a braid in between but i will have to look at it to see how i attached it… :thinking: