Two at once toe up socks

Hi y’all.

I have just completed my “two at once toe up socks” from Knitpicks. I LOVE the way the “afterthought heel” looks.

I DON’T love a couple of other things, though, and I am certain it’s because I’m such an amateur that these things are there. The first is sort of “ladders” that happened between the two groups of stitches (because they were on different needles). How do I fix them and how do I prevent them? This never happened on my dpn’s!

The next thing is gaps where the heel is joined, even though I followed directions and picked up stitches from the body of the sock. I must not have done it properly? Any advice? I suppose I could pull the heels out and re-knit them… (it’s like the LAST thing I want to do, but it might be worth it.) Like I said, I love the look of this heel, but maybe all I really need is instructions to knit the heel as I’m knitting the sock if I can’t figue it out.

I really worked hard on these and want to do more - love making 2 socks at once! Also, circulars don’t seem to give me as much hand fatigue as the dpn’s. Can anyone give me tips for the next pair? I am ordering new sock yarn this week!

I didn’t have any ladders this time (second pair); I adapted the pattern to use Magic Loop.

I picked up extra heel stitches and still had holes, but they were smaller this time. Both pair were gifts so I’m not really able to look long enough to figure out what is causing the issue.

They may distribute over time.

I’m thinking of making a circular swatch to practice on.

That’s awesome, brownishcoat!

I am not so sure about the magic loop method. And I’m frustrated because a lot of people go to the two circulars to AVOID ladders on DPN’s, while I had NO ladders on DPN’s but have them on two circs!

Oh well. I suppose I’ll follow your example and just try them again! Maybe I’ll even try to learn magic loop…

I had ladders with the 2 circs, but they were not very bad. I also found that I had more tangling with the 2 circs because the yarn would get tangled in the extra needle a lot. With Magic Loop, I barely had any tangling, just the natural twist from going around in a circle.

Plus, I never had to worry about picking up the wrong needle to knit with! :teehee:

There are pics of my socks on my Flickr (link in sig). They are not all together, you may need to go back a couple of pages to see them all. They are a pink, purple and white variegated.